The aim of Cubicvideo is to provide the best video based motion study available. To reach that goal the aestetcic and artistic character of classical video/film is combined with the freedom of motion control offered by computer systems and virtual reality.

The vision is simple: Record synchronize and replay the video as the user likes to see it.The delivery of an complete intuitive aplication is the work of Cubicvideo.

What you expect when watching motion studies:How it is being solved:

Find immediately what you are looking for.

Choose form a systematic index of dancing steps and click only once to go directely to it.

Be assured that parts of interest are not hidden. E.g. dancer in the forground conceales body parts (hands, feet, etc.) of person in the background.

Freedom to choose any perspective: front/back, left/right, top/bottom.

Access to view any video part as long as needed.

Loop it - endless if necessary.

Opportunity to analize each move step by step, frame by frame, forward and backward.

Control the video playback manually with a slidebar.

Change from normal dancing speed to slow motion.

Switch to slow motion and back any time.

Get assistance if you find it difficult to hear the beat and thus to start your steps at the appropriate moment.

Switch-on/off visual and/or acoustic stepcounter.

View animation where suggestive.

Footprint animation for bottom view.

Cubicvideo offers a unique technology that allows to move around the video scene in every 3-dimensional direction. It combines computer power and digital video playback to provide the user with an intuitive and powerful navigation instrument.

If you are looking for video based motion study Cubicvideo will be the right choice.

For more contact information (Impressum): View this site in german.
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