The CD-Rom Cubic Salsa keeps your salsarepertoire always at hand.

22 videoclips with the most important dancing steps can be viewed from all sides. They are looped endlessly by default. Stay as long as you choose. The repertoire is international standard (New York Style) for classes Beginner1 und Beginner2. It's a lot of fun and enables directely to participate dancing everywhere.

Basic Closed, Basic Open, Promenade Closed, Promenade Open, Sidestep Closed, Sidestep Open, Right-Turn Lady, Right-Turn Man, Right-Turn Lady-Man-Lady, Left-Turn Lady, Left-Turn Lady-Man, Cross-Body-Lead Closed, Cross-Body-Lead Open, Combination A, Cross-Body-Lead Inside-Turn, Combination B, Combination Shoulder-Check, Open-Break-Turn with CBL, Open-Break-Turn with Combination B, Open-Break-Turn with Peek-A-Boo Inside-Turn, Peek-A-Boo Shoulder-Lead, Advanced Preview.

As proffesional dancer Marion Morena is well known in the international salza scene. Her choreography and instruction is appreciated at many international salsa congresses. Her didactical ability as well as her dancing skills were asked in many film und tv productions. You may imagine why she is appointed as jury at the German Salsa Championchips very often.

The motto of marions dancingschool Salsa y Corazon is salsa by heart. Her dancing teachers lead affectionately and full of spirits into the world of salsa. Periodic salsa events and well organized sasla voyages offer a great experience. "Salsa y Corazon" was recommended by "Barcadi" as best dancing school in Munich, at the time when they were initiator of the salsa world congress.

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