The Münchner Francaise originated from french contra dances during the middle of the 18th century. After some time it became common to dance these dances in chronological order of their popularity. In this way the 5 tours of the Francaise (Le Pantalon, L'Été, La Poule, La Pastourelle) emerged. The dancing couples line up in long rows and follow the instructions of the Tanzmeister. Depending on the region and on the Tanzmeister there exist some variations. The Münchner Francaise is danced continuously since its upcoming and faces growing popularity during the recent years. E.g. at the Kocherlball in Munich with its several thousand participants the Münchner Francaise is a vital element.

Cubicvideo GmbH is the first to provide a video based dance instruction for this dance. Most important was the easy to understand presentation. E.g. you may watch it from all sides plus the top and bottom (the last one as foot print animation). The DVD can be used like a Video DVD (pal) or can be viewed as computerprogram. Further technical details you will find here.

Two variations are included. The classical one is danced to the Fledermausquadrille from Johann Strauss jr. The bavarian version is danced to an original record from Georg von Kaufmann and Ramstoetter Sigi.

It is danced by the dancing teachers of the wellknown dancingschool TWS in Munich. Dancers are Christiane Steuer, Christoph Möller, Claudia Frackenpohl,Christian Langer .

TWS provides in cooperation with munichs administration (Kulturreferat) gratis dancing classes for the Kocherlball on a regular basis.

The Kulturreferat der Stadt München provided a very well researched book to the Münchner Francaise. "Die Münchner Française und ihre Verwandten gestern und heute" published from: Musikverlag Preissler, München Nr. JP 6148

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